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The Episcopal Commission on Culture is the newest body of the CBCP. Created only July of 1994, with Bishop Honesto Ch. Pacana, S.J. as its first Chairman.

This Commission is tasked by the CBCP to accomplish the following: 1) to work toward a meeting point between the Saving Message of the Gospel and the culture of out time; 2) undertake dialogues between faith and cultures; 3) search for initiatives of the various institutions of the Church in this area, and disseminate directives fromt the Pontifical Council for Culture in Rome; 4) study the area of unbelief and religious indifference, and organize study congresses along this area; 5) establish dialogue with those who do not believe in God, or profess no religion, and 6) maintain two sections always: one on Faith and Culture and one on Dialogue with Culture.

For its first activity the Commission held a conference - "A National Dialogue with Media on Culture and Politics" held at the Canossian Youth Formation Center in Malaybalay, Bukidnon in March of 1995. It was the first gathering of clergy and lay people from all over the country to discus the inter-relations between faith, media, culture, and political culture.

Bishop Honesto Ch. Pacana spoke of the importance of dialogue between faith and political culture, and between faith and media culture, and this set the tone and direction of the conference.

The Commission also looks after the preservation of the Church's cultural heritage. Networking with individuals and groups concerned with churches and church museums, the Commisssion hopes to contribute its share in the preservation of the country's rich Christian heritage.

Recently an information bulletin - " Dialogue" - was published to serve as a venue for information on the activities of the Episcopal Commission on Culture, and to promote inter-cultural dialogue touching on this faith. Distributed to all bishops, individuals and groups involved in this same endeavor, the bulletin is slated to be published twice a year in the future.

Present acivities of the Commission include the preparation of abibliography on Faith and Culture and a research project on Youth and Culture.

In October 1995 the Commission sponsored a seminar workshop for Catholic educators on the impact of cinema on faith, culture and society. This was held at the Pope John XXIII Seminary in Malaybalay in Bukidnon.

In order to accomplish its objectives and carry out its acitvities the Commission is searching for financial support for current and future projects. At this initial stage of its existence it relies mainly on voluntary help of individuals and groups who generously sharedtheir services, expertise, prayers, and resources.


Bp. Honesto C. Pacana, SJ

Vice Chairman:

Bp. Generoso C. Camiņa, PME


Bp. Jose R. Manguiran


Abp. Jesus B. Tuquib

Executive Secretary:

Ms. Ma. Cecille Medina


c/o Bishop's Residence


Malaybalay, 8700 Bukidnon

Tel. :  (088) 221-4689
Fax:   (088) 221-2292


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