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The Episcopal Commission on Liturgy started functioning as an organization thirty-one years ago. It has been implementing the provisions of the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy promulgated on December 3, 1963.

There are ten areas wherein the Commission has been involved and has rendered service all these years.

  1. The Commission has effectively prepared the clergy and laity in the Philippines towards a full, active and conscious participation in the Sacred Liturgy.
  2. It has adequately provided direction in coping with the manychanges envisioned by the Second Vatican Council, specially where extraordinary decisions had to be arrived at in relation to Liturgy.
  3. It has given encouragement and assistance for the translation of liturgical books into the vernacular dialects of the Philippines.
  4. Areas have been explored for the possibilities of cultural adaptations of the Sacred Liturgy where tribal or minority groups are involved.
  5. It has been regularly updating the clergy and key lay leaders in many regions and dioceses on the Sacred Liturgy.
  6. It has complied with requests for the preparation of materials needed for various celebrations on national and diocesan levels.
  7. The Commission has often been involved in consultations where it has offered suggestions or solutions involving interdisciplinary activities and decisions.
  8. It has served as a coordinating body for negotiations with the Apostolic See and other international groups also involved in Liturgy.
  9. It has resolved many key issues on Liturgy which have much study and patience.
  10. It has successfully organized meetings of experts and diocesan directors of commissions on Sacred Liturgy to address particular needs and concerns.

Leadership for the Commission has been provided by Archbishop Lino Gonzaga, Bishop William Brasseur, CICM, Archbishop Jesus Dosado, CM, and Archbishop Onesimo Gordoncillo from 1964 to 1995.

At present the Commissions' focus is towards adequate fulfillment of Pope John Paul II's concern with inculturation for renewed evangelization, and the formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities whose celebrations of the Sacred Liturgy give witness to the vitality of Christian life.


Bp. Romulo G. Valles

Vice Chairman:

Abp. Onesimo C. Gordoncillo


Bp. Arturo M. Bastes, SVD


Abp. Jesus A. Dosado, CM


Bp. John F. Du


Bp. Deogracias S. Iiguez


Bp. Ernesto A. Salgado


Executive Secretary:

Dom Anscar Chupungco, OSB


Abbey of Our Lady of Monserrat


San Beda College
E. Mendiola, San Miguel
1005 Manila

Telefax:  735-5994

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