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CBCP President



The President shall be the Chief Executive of the Conference and shall direct and supervise all its business and affairs according to this Constitution and By-Laws. The following shall be his specific duties:

    a) He shall call and preside over the Sessions of the Plenary Assembly and the meetings of the Administrative Council. Furthermore, he shall send a copy of the minutes of the Sessions of the Plenary Assembly to the Apostolic See through the Apostolic Nunciature for the former's information. He shall do the same specially with the opted Decrees of the Plenary Assembly for review and approval.

    b) He shall assign to the different Episcopal Commissions, Permanent Committees and Offices more particular duties when needed, other than those expressedly mentioned in their specific functions according to Article VII of these By-Laws.

    c) He shall sign and/or speak for the Conference in ordinary matters without any previous authorization from the Conference.

    d) He shall however sign and/or speak for the Conference in matters of extraordinary significance involving the Conference as a whole and every individual Member thereof only with previous authorization from the Conference.

    e) He shall represent the Conference in both local and international events unless another is chosen by the Conference for special occasions.

    f) He shall sign mortgages, deeds, contracts and obligations, and other Instruments upon authorization for execution by the Administrative Council, except in cases when the execution or signing thereof shall have been expressedly delegated by the Council or by statute to another Officer or agent of the Conference.

    g) In general, he shall perform all duties incident to his Office as President of the Conference and Chairman of the Administrative Council, and such other duties as may be reposed on him by the Plenary Assembly and the Administrative Council respectively.


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