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Secretary General
CBCP Secretariat
470 Gen. Luna Street
Intramuros, 1002 Manila


Secretary General


The Secretary General shall have the following specific duties:

    a)He shall have charge and supervision of the Staff and other personnel of the General Secretariat.

    b)He shall see to it that the functions assigned to the General Secretariat as provided in this Constitution, Article V, Section 3, are duly complied with.

    c)He shall countersign all checks, drafts and/or orders for payment, issued and signed by the Treasurer, for which he may authorize an Assistant Secretary General to countersign instead.

    d)He shall adopt an Office Management Procedure so that specific duties and responsibilities are adequately assigned to the Assistant Secretary/Secretaries General and other personnel in order to promote efficient service to the Conference as a whole and to the Members thereof.

    e)He shall not only be under the direct supervision of but shall also be immediately responsible to the Administrative Council in the exercise of his functions.


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