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Five Years of CLSP:  A Brief History
Rev. Fr. Rafael Gaudioso A. Sustento

"Canon Law does not deal only with orders from above but mostly with problems from below that can be helped by those with the power to do so."

              Abp. ALBERTO J. PIAMONTE, DD, Chair, Episcopal Commission on Canon Law and Archbishop of Jaro

I would like to encourage the clergy of the Philippine Church to join CLSP particularly those whose competence can contribute much to the well being of the local churches."

              Bp. SOFIO G. BALCE. DD, of Cabanatuan


The Canon Law Society of the Philippines will be five years old this 1998. Five years ago, on April 13-15, 1993 forty three canon lawyers all over the country met in Antipolo, Rizal to organize themselves into what is now known as the CLSP.

CLSP is an association of Canon lawyers, mostly priests but not exclusively. The mandate of its constitution came from, the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines (Minutes, 66th CBCP Plenary Assembly, January 23-25, 1993). The same conference of bishops approved its statutes on July11. 1993 during its Plenary Assembly.  Its membership admits those who have knowledge, practice and interest in canon law and may EQ classified as principal, associate or honorary members.

The CLSP is a non-stock and non-profit national public juridical person established with the approval of the CBCP Its aim is to render pastoral service to the Church through the apostolate of Canon law. In the concrete the CLSP renders this service by:

    (1) promoting the on-going study of and research in canonical science and allied sciences;

    (2) fostering the knowledge and practice of Canon law; and,

    (3) facilitating the interchange of canonical findings and opinions, observances and proposals among members and with other canon law societies.

Five years have elapsed since its Foundation. Has the CLSP been able to achieve its aims? To what extent has it rendered pastoral service to the Church through the apostolate of canon law? It is time to look back, to re-visit the past.

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