Educational Centers

    Cathedral School of La Naval (F-1990) (High School)
    Naval 6543 Biliran

      Principal: Sr. Lucy Marie Parena, RSM
      Priest In-charge: Rev. Antonio Sevilla
      Enrolment: 379

Catechetical Schools

    1—Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catechetical School
         Naval 6543 Biliran

      Enrolment: 171
      In-charge: Mrs. Catalina Velasquez

    2—Our Lady Fatima Catechetical School
         Calubi-an 6534 Leyte

      Enrolment: 42
      In-charge: Sr. Lily Anne Ayo-on, DST

    3—St. John Nepomucene Catechetical School
         Biliran, 6549 Biliran

      Enrolment: 50
      In-charge: Sr. Socorro Amor, DST

Miscellaneous Listing/s

Apostolate Center

    1—Family House Medical Apostolate Center
         Sagrada Familia Homes Compound
         Naval 6543 Biliran

      In-charge: Sr. Jeannette Gairano, FSPIF

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