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Bishops-Ulama Forum prepares
for Mindanao Week of Peace

The Bishops-Ulama Forum (BUF) has begun preparations for the celebration of this year's Mindanao Week of Peace, which is scheduled on November 28 to December 4.  The theme chosen for the observance is "Peace through Reconciliation: Mindanao Seeking a Common Ground".

The programs for the celebration were discussed during a meeting of the BUF Tripartite Commission last September 11 at the Mergrande Ocean Resort in Davao City.  AS in the past, the BUF will issue a statement this month calling on all Mindanaoans to celebrate the Mindanao Week of Peace.  A Primer, to be prepared by the Peace Advocates of Zamboanga and the Catholic Relief Services-Mindanao, will be prepared and disseminated explaining the objectives and activities of the celebration, as well as the necessary structures that will assure its success.

Each BUF province/diocese/sectoral area will have its own MWP Activities.  A region-wide activity, the only one for this year, will be held following this – the Muslim-Christian-IP Youth Peace Camp, which has been scheduled on December 7 to 9, immediately after the Muslim observance of Ramadhan.  The BUF Secretariat will call a meeting of the Youth directors/coordinators to prepare for this Peace Camp.

The celebration of the Mindanao Week of Peace, as decreed through a Presidential Proclamation of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, is celebrated each year from the last Thursday of November to the first Wednesday of Decmber.  The observance aims "to raise consciousness for a culture peace among the peoples of Mindanao… (by providing) a venue for expression of peace aspirations in various forms and for convergence of peace initiatives".

The proclamation enjoins and encourages all concerned government agencies and instrumentalities, including government owned and controlled corporations and members of the private sector and civil society based in Mindanao to engage in relevant and meaningful activities in celebration of the Mindanao Week of Peace in coordination with the Bishops-Ulama Forum.

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Bishops-Ulama Forum prepares for Mindanao Week of Peace

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