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Laiko launches search for outstanding lay Catholic organizations

The Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas (Council of the laity of the Philippines) has launched a search for outstanding Catholic lay organizations to receive the "Ulirang Samahang Laiko Award" to be given out in September 2003.

The Award, launched this month in connection with the celebration of National Laity Week, seeks to recognize lay groups (except those affiliated with Laiko) which have responded to the calls of the Catholic Laity, which are: 1) formation of a community of families; 2) proclamation of the Christian presence in society; 3) involvement in the mission of the Church through the ministry and evangelization; and 4) trans-formation of the social order.  It is intended for Catholic groups which perseveringly live up to the demands of faith, justice and love, and whose exemplary performance in the Lay Apostolate in the country and abroad is worthy of emulation.

The search is open to all parish-based lay Catholic organizations functioning in the arch/diocese, which are not affiliated with Laiko member organizations, e.g., parish-based cooperatives, BECs, etc.  They must have been active in the lay apostolate in the country in abroad for at least five years, characterized by a balance of faith and action in their apostolate, and have contributed a significant impact in the transformation of the Church and their community.  Nominees should have submitted an annual report to the Parish Pastoral Council as reference for their parish activities. They should be endorsed by the arch/diocesan pastoral council, Arch/Bishop or Spiritual Director.

The screening and selection of nominees begins on September 22 this year, at the parish level in all the 45 Arch/Diocesan Councils affiliated with Laiko. The presidents of the Parish Pastoral Councils shall accept nominations and, together with the parish priest and an officer of any parish organization, shall form the Parish Awards Committee.  Each Parish Pastoral Council will select from among the nominees its entry to the arch/diocesan level contest on or before June 30, 2003.

At the arch/diocesan level, an Awards Committee composed of the Arch/Diocesan Council president, the spiritual director, and an officer of any arch/diocesan organization shall select from among the parish entries and declare by July 31, 2003 the awardee lay group which will be their finalist in the Ulirang Samahang Laiko Award.

The Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas shall thereafter select and declare the national winner from among the arch/diocesan entries by August 30, 2003.  National lay organization leaders will serve as judges and the awarding ceremonies will be held in September 2003.

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